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    We also have various jobs available for the Christmas and New Year period, and short contracts are available. Working aboard the world’s largest cruise lines, we are seeking Hairdressers, Beauty Therapists, Spa Receptionists, Nannies, Babysitters, Youth Counselors, Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers, Food and Beverage Managers, Executive Sous Chefs, Confectioners, Executive Chefs, Waiters/Waitresses, Bar Staff/Bar Managers, Executive Housekeepers, Front Desk and Guest Services Managers, Retail Sales Assistants, Doctors, Nurses, and Entertainment Staff. You will have the opportunity to explore the most majestic and breathtaking places in the world, while being paid tax free US dollars! We receive may enquiries from candidates undertaking their GAP year. Please apply with us and we will provide you with further information to assist you in finding your GAP year dream job. Please note that for certain positions, age restrictions apply.


    We have many positions available for enthusiastic individuals aboard luxury cruise liners. Please refer to the Current Vacancies list. If you wish to apply for any of the positions, please click here. We have an urgent demand for the Christmas period, and are taking applications now. There are many short contracts available, which may suit students or those who are looking for work during their GAP year.

    If you are an Employer wishing to advertise a position, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or click here to download our registration form.



    The fastest growing sector in the area of tourism is the cruise ship industry. There are almost 2 million crew members worldwide, and cruise lines are always hiring since there is a high turnover of staff. This is because many crew members seek short contracts while they are on vacation and there are also a high number of GAP year students enjoying the experience of working aboard a cruise ship. There are many new cruise ships that have been built in 2009, which has created thousands more cruise ship jobs. Since cruise ships can be compared with floating cities, there is such a wide array of positions to cater for the diverse clientele. A large cruise ship can host more than 200 different positions and more than 2000 crew members.

    Cruise ship jobs offer the ability to travel for free, whilst earning tax free US dollars, which you will be able to save whilst working on the cruise ship, since there are no living expenses, and food is free! Aboard a cruise ship, you will have the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world, have the opportunity to explore untouched places, and gain valuable experience that you could not acquire in any other area. Cruise ship jobs present a great opportunity for GAP year students, University students to enjoy their semester break, or for professionals looking for a career. Cruise lines treat cruise ship employees extremely well; in most cases, crew members will enjoy 5 star facilities, get to enjoy the luxurious amenities that a cruise ship can offer, as well as enjoy the sumptuous 5 star banquets and exclusive entertainment.

    Cruise ships are always keen to employ a range of nationalities, and therefore cruise ship jobs are available to individuals all around the world. Cruise ship crew members will have the opportunity to get ample time to explore the ports of call, and have the ability to travel to a range of destinations. There is always the option of moving up in the ranks and cruise ship employees can easily transfer to different positions and different cruise ships.
    A cruise ship job is the perfect working holiday for every nationality.

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